Anonymous asked:

Hello! I was just wondering if you ever colored Steamed Bun's resdesign... would you mind sending me the file if you have?

Helloo anon!

I ended up starting coloring her, and splatted some colors on, but this is about as far as I got finishing it haha


Anonymous asked:

what does bast mean? do you have any backround Info?? omg i am in love with this chatacter!!!! so cool, thanks for makin her dark skin egypt :DDD imma show my lil sister when she is older hahahahah!!!!

Bastet, or Bast for short, is actually the name of the Egyptian goddess based on the cat!  You should look her up if you have anytime, she’s a pretty interesting part of Egyptian ancient religion! I’m happy that you like her!

She was actually originally designed by  edopt on deviantart! . I really love her dark skin tone as well,  thank you so much!!