Anonymous asked:

what does bast mean? do you have any backround Info?? omg i am in love with this chatacter!!!! so cool, thanks for makin her dark skin egypt :DDD imma show my lil sister when she is older hahahahah!!!!

Bastet, or Bast for short, is actually the name of the Egyptian goddess based on the cat!  You should look her up if you have anytime, she’s a pretty interesting part of Egyptian ancient religion! I’m happy that you like her!

She was actually originally designed by  edopt on deviantart! . I really love her dark skin tone as well,  thank you so much!!

Anonymous asked:

I'm not really asking anything. It's more of a confession. I want to run away from everything. My home mostly. I just got into a fight with my brother and I left. My face feel swollen and I might step in front of a car.

Hello anon, 

I know that feeling of wanting to run away from everything, especially after getting into a fight with a loved one or if things are going awry and it feels like its out of our control. If your home doesn’t feel like a safe place to be, for whatever reason, please seek out somewhere safe to stay, whether it be a friends house, other family members, or someone you trust!

I’ve gotten into a lot of fights with my sister before, and as much as sometimes we get heated in the moments, I know that she will always love me and forgive me. I hope that you can speak with your brother and hopefully clear things out, I’m sure he would be terribly upset if something bad happened to you.

Take some time to breathe, and talk to someone you can confide in, or you can also call the suicide hotline to speak with someone 1-800-273-TALK (8255) !! These feelings are truly scary when you are dealing with them all on your own, and sometimes it our own thoughts that can be our worst enemies at these time. 

Be safe anon, my thoughts are with you!

also I’m available off anon if you would like to chat at all, I’d be happy to listen.

Anonymous asked:

Hi! I just want to let you know that I received my stickers from you about two days ago! You packaged everything so pretty and nicely. I almost didn't want to open it! LOL. Thank You! <3

yay!! I’m glad that you got them safe and sound :). Packaging orders is one of my favorite things to do! thank you so much for ordering \^7^/

Anonymous asked:

hihi! i know this might be a bit far into the future for you to come up with a definite answer, but, do you happen to know if you'll have a table at AX in 2015? c:

Hello!! Right now I’ll probably be leaning more towards not tabling next year (unless someone offers me a table to share, I probably will opt not to search for one ^_^;;) If anything I’ll be attending to hang out with friends and enjoy the convention, but nothing is set in stone yet!!